Mercer County Courthouse

Dr. Rob’s prescription for creating growth and prosperity in Mercer County, PA:

  • Rebuild the local economy
  • Provide for education including pre-school, K through 12, and skilled trades
  • Control taxes
  • Provide for clean waterways and avoid industrial and landfill runoff
  • Use local highways to connect with industry and commerce with our neighbors in Ohio
  • Eliminate and treat the opioid crisis
  • Promote agriculture county wide
  • Maintain local parks and recreation
  • Provide for behavioral health education and treatment

America was rich with opportunity when Rob Multari was growing up poor in Farrell PA’s housing projects during the 1950s. Then, people who worked hard had a real shot at grabbing a piece of the American Dream no matter where they were born and raised.

Today, the opportunities that enabled Rob to escape the projects and become a highly-respected physician have vanished—erased along with the steel industry and the good jobs it once provided.

Sadly, Washington politicians haven’t helped—in many ways they’re making things worse.

It’s time for change.

Dr. Rob will make Washington work for our families. His powerful prescription for spurring growth and prosperity will rebuild the American Dream and give families across Mercer County, PA the opportunity to achieve and succeed.

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In order to begin rebuilding the American Dream in Mercer County for our families, Dr. Rob has is accepting small contributions from people who give ten, or twenty or thirty of their hard-earned dollars because they want to live in a county where every child has the opportunity to reach their full potential and every person has the ability to grab a piece of the American Dream.

As Bernie Sanders proved in 2016, Dr. Rob’s way works. So please take a moment to write and mail us a check or use your credit card to send our campaign a few bucks over the net. Dr. Rob promises he’ll use your money to fight for you and your family every day, to promote issues that will improve the quality of life in our community, and to say "NO" to policies and laws that tear at the fabric of what makes our nation great.

Thanks in advance for your help...

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About Dr. Robert Multari

Doctor Robert D. Multari, was born and raised in Farrell, Pennsylvania. After he graudated from Farrell High School Rob worked his way through medical school graduating from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1976. Find out more by following the link below.

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