Contribute to Multari for Change

In order to begin rebuilding the American Dream for our families in Mercer County, Dr. Rob is accepting small contributions from people who give ten, or twenty or thirty of their hard-earned dollars because they want to live in a country where every child has the opportunity to reach their full potential and every person has the ability to grab a piece of the American Dream.

As Bernie Sanders proved in 2016, Dr. Rob’s way works. So please take a moment to write and mail us a check or use your credit card to send our campaign a few bucks over the net. Dr. Rob promises he’ll use your money to fight for you and your family every day, to promote issues that will improve the quality of life in our community, and to say "NO" to policies and laws that tear at the fabric of what makes our nation great.

Thanks in advance for your help...

To contribute please contact Dr. Multari's office at 724 981-3733 and 724-456-5627 or mail in to 2120 Likens Lane, Suite 101, Farrell, PA 16121